Review: Get Santa (2014)


Christopher Smith, the director behind Severance and Triangle, is the unlikely source of Get Santa, a fairly satisfying, if unremarkable, festive fable. Fresh out of prison, Steve (Rafe Spall) attempts to put his shady past behind him and reconnect with his son. But when Santa (Jim Broadbent) turns unexpectedly asking for help, Steve finds himself back on the run, in a desperate bid to save Christmas. Continue reading “Review: Get Santa (2014)”

Review: I Give It A Year (2013)

I Give It A Year

Anti-rom-com’s have become more and more popular in recent years, with films such as (500) Days Of Summer, Celeste And Jesse Forever and Going The Distance exploring relationships in a realistic way not often captured in the traditional and formulaic rom-com’s we’ve come to accept as the norm. The latest of which, I Give It A Year, hails from first-time director Dan Mazer, who’s best known for scripting Sacha Baron Cohen comedies Borat and Brüno. Continue reading “Review: I Give It A Year (2013)”

London Day #3: Django Unchained, Obsessions And Podcast Hilarity

Rafe Spall

Day three in London kicked off in style, with a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s latest Django Unchained. While it wasn’t quite the incredible piece of filmmaking many critics – The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, included – had made it out to be, it certainly made for entertaining viewing at nine o’clock in the morning and made up for the torturous Underground experience that proceded it. Don’t travel during rush hour. It’s a nightmare. Continue reading “London Day #3: Django Unchained, Obsessions And Podcast Hilarity”

Review: Life Of Pi (2012)

Life Of Pi

Life of Pi, Yann Martel’s supposedly unfilmable Booker Prize winning novel, is ushered to the big screen by Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee after nine years in development turmoil. Working from a script by David Magee, Lee’s interpretation retains the novel’s framing structure as an older Pi (Irrfan Khan) is visited by a struggling writer (Rafe Spall) and proceeds to recount his unbelievable story. Continue reading “Review: Life Of Pi (2012)”