Review: Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)


It’s without surprise that Meryl Streep shines as Florence Foster Jenkins in Stephen Frears’ pleasantly amusing biopic of the tone-deaf socialite who fulfilled her wish of singing – if you can it call it that – in front of thousands at the Carnegie Hall. This is a biopic that favours frothy entertainment over tragic drama, thus the darker aspects of Jenkins’ life, such as her battle with syphilis, are never dwelled upon. Continue reading “Review: Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)”

Review: Philomena (2013)


It’s safe to say that Stephen Frears’ post-The Queen career has seen its fair share of ups and downs. While Tamara Drewe was a cheeky and enjoyable romp, it lacked any kind of emotional depth. And his other two efforts, Lay The Favourite and Chéri, were both criticised for being unremarkable (the less said about the former, the better). Philomena, however, which is based on a real-life story, finds the director back on form, with a winning combination of humour and drama creating an enjoyable, yet tender and heartwarming film of exploration and self-discovery. Continue reading “Review: Philomena (2013)”