Review: Under The Skin (2014)


The fact that Jonathan Glazer hasn’t made a film since 2004’s Birth makes sense considering the massive undertaking adapting Michel Faber’s opaque novel Under the Skin proved to be. Years in the making, the film – starring a truly captivating Scarlett Johansson in the lead role – tracks an alien feigned in human skin as she prowl’s city streets in search of vulnerable men. What unfolds, as the alien assimilates bit-by-bit to her new surroundings, is a unique and unforgettable piece of cinema that won’t be to everyone’s taste. Yet those willing to work with Glazer’s deliberately sparse approach, rather than in opposition to it, will find a stirring and quite often delicate inspection of loneliness and sexuality that’s constantly heightened not only by the primitive visual style, but also by Mica Levi’s unnerving score and Scarlett Johansson’s unwavering, captivating and haunting lead performance.

Interview: Ken Loach And Cast Talk The Angels’ Share

To mark the release of Ken Loach’s Scottish-based dramedy The Angels’ Share, I was invited to Deanston Distillery, located a few miles outside of Stirling where most of the films interiors were set, to meet Loach, writer Paul Laverty and cast members Paul Brannigan, Jasmin Riggins, William Ruane, Siobhan Reilly and Gary Maitland.

The picturesque distillery provided an excellent location to chat to the attendees in three separate sittings: first with Riggins, Ruane, Reilly and Maitland about Continue reading “Interview: Ken Loach And Cast Talk The Angels’ Share”

New Scottish Film Fund Launched

At a time when the UK film industry seems to be under immense scrutiny, the Scottish government have announced plans to invest between £3M – £20M into ensuring Scotland is seen as an attractive place for filmmakers to shoot their new productions.

Dubbed The Mackendrick Fund, the new scheme will offer an array of eye-catching dividends in a bid to further entice big production companies, such as Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony, to invest in films with a Scottish emphasis, Continue reading “New Scottish Film Fund Launched”