Review: Wrinkles (2011)


The true horror of Alzheimer’s disease is tackled with a aplomb in Ignacio Ferreras’ poignant and charming animated feature Wrinkles. With his family no longer able to care for him, retired bank manager Emilio (Tacho González) is moved into a care home where he befriends Miguel (Álvaro Guevara), a shrewd resident who shows him the way. Based on Paco Raco’s comic book of the same name, Wrinkles is a profound insight into the difficulties that come with old age, seen through the eyes of a man who’s ever-so-slowly losing himself to Alzheimer’s. It’s not for the faint hearted, and the screenwriters refuse to take the scenic route and skirt around the issues at hand. Yet there’s a certain charm and humour that materialises through Miguel’s attempts to divert Emilio’s attention away from his downward spiral, and the mischief they find themselves in as a result. It’s a striking achievement on Ferreras part, with the low-key, almost rustic animation perfectly encapsulating the coldness of the surroundings and Emilio’s certified eventuality.

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