Review: Wrinkles (2011)


The true horror of Alzheimer’s disease is tackled with a aplomb in Ignacio Ferreras’ poignant and charming animated feature Wrinkles. With his family no longer able to care for him, retired bank manager Emilio (Tacho González) is moved into a care home where he befriends Miguel (Álvaro Guevara), a shrewd resident who shows him the way. Based on Paco Raco’s comic book of the same name, Wrinkles is a profound insight into the difficulties that come with old age, seen through the eyes of a man who’s ever-so-slowly losing himself to Alzheimer’s Continue reading “Review: Wrinkles (2011)”

8th Annual Glasgow Film Festival Round-Up

Fast becoming one of the UK’s leading film festivals, Glasgow Film Festival’s eighth year has proven to be one of its best yet.

Selling over 30,000 tickets and attracting some top name guests, there was no better place to be this February than flitting between the marvellous Glasgow Film Theatre and the tallest cinema in Europe, Cineworld Renfrew Street.

Small on scale, yet big on ideas, co-directors Allan Hunter and Allison Gardner Continue reading “8th Annual Glasgow Film Festival Round-Up”

8th Annual Glasgow Film Festival: Top Ten Picks

The official programme for the 8th annual Glasgow Film Festival was revealed last night and, much to everyone’s excitement, it contained an eclectic array of some 239 films from countries around the world.

After an initial glance, I went back to take a longer, harder look at the wide range of films on offer and was struck by ten in particular that I simply had to write about.

In no particular order, my ten picks are listed below: Continue reading “8th Annual Glasgow Film Festival: Top Ten Picks”