Review: Lone Survivor (2013)

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor – the re-telling of a real-life military operation that took place in 2005 – sees director Peter Berg on a mission to atone for his involvement in Battleship, the multi-million dollar blockbuster flop. He succeeds in part, yet Lone Survivor, no matter how intense and true-to-life it’s brought to the screen, can’t help but feel overblown, particularly thanks to the slideshow epilogue that brings it all to a mawkish close. Continue reading “Review: Lone Survivor (2013)”

Super Bowl XLVI Trailer Round-Up

From 20th Century Fox to Universal Pictures, Disney to Warner Bros., Hollywood went all out with their Super Bowl placement trailers last night, with most of them dazzling (The Lorax looks super sweet, but not a patch on last year’s Despicable Me), and only a few missing the mark (Battleship, anyone?).

The night’s biggest winner, though, was The Avengers. Joss Whedon proved that he was the ideal man to assemble all the Marvel figureheads (bar Spider-Man) together in one film and have them fit oh, so perfectly together. Oh, and the back- Continue reading “Super Bowl XLVI Trailer Round-Up”