Review: St. Vincent (2014)


Bill Murray is by far the stand-out performer in St. Vincent, infusing Theodore Melfi’s schmaltzy and predictable comedy drama with some much-needed spunk. Bullied-kid-next-door Olivier (Jaeden Lieberher) develops an unlikely bond with curmudgeon old man Vincent (Murray) when he reluctantly concedes to babysit for struggling single mother Maggie (Melissa McCarthy). Continue reading “Review: St. Vincent (2014)”

Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

In the throes of childhood infatuation and the restlessness of everyday life, Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) decide to run away together from being an adopted khaki scout and an unreadable problem child. With the entire island called upon to find them and return them to safety, including Sam’s scout leader (Edward Norton) and Suzy’s anxious parents (Bill Murray and Frances MacDormand), their eagerness for freedom offers up some home truths to the Continue reading “Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)”

Poster: Passion Play

Director – Mitch Glazer

Starring – Megan Fox, Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke and Rhys Ifans