Review: Epic (2013)


Aside from the ridiculously successful Ice Age series, Blue Sky Studios haven’t exactly had the best luck, releasing mediocre film after mediocre film that have each failed to set the box office alight. The latest of which, Epic, fails to alter that cursed streak. Hailing from director Chris Wedge, this FernGully-like animated fantasy-adventure offers very little that hasn’t been seen or done before. Continue reading “Review: Epic (2013)”

Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)

Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Dennis Leary) and Sid (John Leguizamo) are set adrift on an iceberg after Scrat (Chris Wedge) inadvertently causes the break-up of Pangea. Separated from their oddball family, who rush to escape the forthcoming destruction, they are forced to brave the high seas in the hope of finding a way back home before it’s too late. It’s not all plain sailing, though, as the trio cross paths with a barrage of pirates, lead by the sinister Captain Gutt Continue reading “Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)”