Review: Need For Speed (2014)

Need For Speed

Adapted from the long-running, hugely successful multi-platform racing series, Need For Speed is the definition of a missed opportunity: a super-charged film that’s potential has been thwarted by an uninspired screenplay, underwritten characters and dull, lifeless action sequences that pales in comparison to a mere iota of what’s been seen and done numerous times in the Fast And Furious franchise – a comparison that proves too obvious to avoid. Continue reading “Review: Need For Speed (2014)”

Isabelle Huppert Joins Dead Man Down

Isabelle Huppert (I Heart Huckabees) has landed a supporting role in Dead Man Down, Deadline has revealed.

Huppert, who will next be seen in two Cannes-bound films: Michael Haneke’s Amour (Love) and Hong Sang-Soo’s In Another Country, will star opposite Colin Farrell (Fright Night), Noomi Rapace (Babycall), Dominic Cooper (An Education) and Terrence Howard (Crash) in the crime-thriller.

The film, which is scheduled to shoot in May, centers on a crime lord’s right hand Continue reading “Isabelle Huppert Joins Dead Man Down”

Review: The Devil’s Double (2011)

Tentatively based on the life story of Latif Yahia, body double to Saddam Hussein’s son Uday, The Devil’s Double tells of Uday’s world and his lust for a life of power, wealth and debauchery. When ordinary Iraqi Latif is handpicked for a life as someone else, he must battle against the system to reclaim his existence and be reunited with his family. Continue reading “Review: The Devil’s Double (2011)”