Review: The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)


This animation from the makers of Despicable Me has pep and visual humour to spare, even if the familiar plot isn’t quite up to scratch. Max (Louis C.K.), a faithful canine, is sidelined when his owner brings home an unkempt mutt (Eric Stonestreet). Their reckless attempts to one-up each other soon leave them lost on the streets of New York, hunted by viscious strays. Continue reading “Review: The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)”

Review: Obvious Child (2014)


Written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, Obvious Child is a smart, observant and humorous comedy drama that will make a star out of its star Jenny Slate. Donna (Slate), an aspiring stand-up comedienne, makes a habit of turning her day-to-day existence into uproarious material for her shows. But when left pregnant after a one night stand with Max (Jake Lacy), she’s forced to wake up and take control of the real obstructions in her life. Continue reading “Review: Obvious Child (2014)”