Review: Lilting (2014)


Writer and director Hong Khaou makes a lasting impression with his feature debut Lilting, a profound and intimately executed low-budget drama. Mourning the death of his boyfriend (Andrew Leung), Richard (Ben Whishaw) makes attempts to connect with his partner’s mother (Pei-pei Cheng), a Chinese-Cambodian woman who’s completely oblivious to her son’s true sexuality. Continue reading “Review: Lilting (2014)”

Anticipating The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival Line-Up Announcement


With the full line-up announcement only a day away, it’s hard not to speculate what films are likely to unspool at the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival next month. In previous years, we’ve been way off mark, choosing bigger films over the usual smaller ones Edinburgh likes to promote. However, with the welcome regeneration the festival experienced last year, it’s only natural to feel optimistic about what might be on offer this year, and the revelations so far have only propelled this. Continue reading “Anticipating The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival Line-Up Announcement”