Review: The Armstrong Lie (2013)

The Armstrong Lie

Hot on the heels of We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks, acclaimed documentary filmmaker and interrogator Alex Gibney returns with The Armstrong Lie. This time, he turns his attention to Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour De France-winning cyclist who somehow extraordinarily managed to hide his dependency on performance-enhancing drugs in plain sight for over ten years, for a documentary that’s both fascinating and repetitive. Continue reading “Review: The Armstrong Lie (2013)”

Anticipating The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival Line-Up Announcement


With the full line-up announcement only a day away, it’s hard not to speculate what films are likely to unspool at the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival next month. In previous years, we’ve been way off mark, choosing bigger films over the usual smaller ones Edinburgh likes to promote. However, with the welcome regeneration the festival experienced last year, it’s only natural to feel optimistic about what might be on offer this year, and the revelations so far have only propelled this. Continue reading “Anticipating The 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival Line-Up Announcement”