Review: Minions (2015)


The loveable yellow critters from the Despicable Me franchise are spun-off into their own adventure in Minions, a cutesy rush of colour and slapstick that ultimately disappoints. In a time pre-Gru, the Minions have become despondent, struggling to matter without an evil henchman to serve. Stuart, Bob and Kevin mission to find one is rewarded when they cross paths with female supervillian Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Continue reading “Review: Minions (2015)”

2013 In Film: A Summary

Frances Ha

2013 has brought with it a lot of things, both good and bad. But in this particular post I’ll be focusing on the film-related highlights that I’ve experienced over the past twelve months, from a mini adventure in London that included my first ever podcast appearance to a wine-soaked preview screening of Gravity at the newly converted IMAX cinema in Glasgow. I’ve interviewed idols, attended film festivals, and even walked a red carpet. Continue reading “2013 In Film: A Summary”

Review: Gravity (2013)


The culmination of several years of hard work (the film was originally conceived back in 2006), Gravity is an electrifying amalgamation of awe-inspiring visuals, technical innovation and a terrific central performance. Bringing together director Alfonso Cuarón and his son and co-writer Jonas Cuarón, this is a survival story like no other, set against the beautiful, infinitely desolate backdrop of space – one that, in a particularly huge win for IMAX, immerses its audience entirely from start to finish. Continue reading “Review: Gravity (2013)”

Review: The Heat (2013)

The Heat

In light of Bridesmaids’ worldwide success, director and former Sabrina The Teenage Witch actor Paul Feig continues in his efforts to shift emphasis onto female comedic talent with mismatched buddy comedy The Heat. By embracing and paying homage to its roots, and combining the talents of those in front of and behind the camera, what transpires is mostly solidly entertaining, but not nearly as commanding or edgy as it assumes it is. Continue reading “Review: The Heat (2013)”