8th Annual Glasgow Film Festival Round-Up

Fast becoming one of the UK’s leading film festivals, Glasgow Film Festival’s eighth year has proven to be one of its best yet.

Selling over 30,000 tickets and attracting some top name guests, there was no better place to be this February than flitting between the marvellous Glasgow Film Theatre and the tallest cinema in Europe, Cineworld Renfrew Street.

Small on scale, yet big on ideas, co-directors Allan Hunter and Allison Gardner went to extraordinary lengths to ensure this year’s instalment stayed true to its heart while expanding upon previous efforts.

From well-known titles like Your Sister’s Sister, The Raid and Bel Ami to lesser known fair, such as Wrinkles and The Monk, the programmers did well to find the right mix to please any Scottish cinephile.

Unfortunately, due to finances and a tight schedule, I was unable to attend the whole of the festival, but I did manage to soak up the atmosphere, mingle and catch a few of my top picks.


The Raid was unyielding fun.

I adored Your Sister’s Sister.

Trishna failed to dazzle.

Rachael Harris stole the show in the terrific Natural Selection.

The Kid With A Bike was gloriously simple.

I cringed throughout Bel Ami.

Wrinkles (coming soon)

The Monk (coming soon)

All I can say now is, roll on next year!

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