85th Academy Awards: Nominations

Academy Awards

The nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards were announced earlier today by host Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone, both of whom brought some much-needed humour to the usually dull announcement. Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s historical biopic about former US president Abraham Lincoln’s endeavours to achieve passage of the constitutional amendment, was revealed as the frontrunner with a total of twelve nominations, with Silver Linings Playbook Continue reading “85th Academy Awards: Nominations”

Review: Ted (2012)

Plagued by loneliness, eight year old John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) makes a Christmas wish for his teddy bear to come to life. When it does, John transforms into the happiest boy alive, and the teddy bear becomes somewhat of a minor celebrity. However, as years come to pass and John finds himself in a position where his girlfriend Laurie (Mila Kunis) wants more from their relationship, he’s forced to make some life-changing decisions regarding his Continue reading “Review: Ted (2012)”